Coffee Tea Or Me

The two most popular beverage are tea and coffee, in this post we are going to disect them to discover which one is the healthiest.


Coffee has come under much scrutiny in recent years and I am going to set you straight by saying coffee is indeed good for you, how ever it is normally what is consumed with coffee, what is added to it and how much you drink that needs to be taken into consideration. Lets explore he pros and cons of this popular drink:

Coffee is often consumed with cake – im sure you do not need to be told that cake is not good for so don’t go thinking that you are doing yourself any favors by doing so.

Coffee is often taken with milk and sugar – Sugar is by far one of the worst foods you can eat, not only does it rot your teeth it also accelerates the aging process. Contrary to popular belief milk or any dairy is not good for you. Not only does it make your body more acidic as does sugar it upsets the digestive system.

Caffeine- This is the reason most drinkers drink this tasty beverage, small amounts can be quite beneficial where large amounts can be detrimental to your health – proceed with caution.

It makes your body more acidic – there is a lot of problems associated with your body being too acidic, namely making your body ideal for cancer and pathogens

On the upside coffee is actually quite beneficial in regards to nutrients and antioxidants and caffeine has a whole host of benefits. To make things short it is good for when consumed in moderation.

Green Tea

Spoiler alert, green tea is by far the healthier option. It has all the benefits and more of its competitor but rather than making your body more acidic it actually has alkalizing effect on your body. Lets examine some of the health benefits of herbal tea;

Fat Loss – Green tea has been known to increase the amount of calories you burn thus aiding in fat loss

Healthy teeth – the active compound catechins aids in killing harmful bacteria which reduces cavities and bad breath

Reduced risk of cancer – Herbal tea is very high in antioxidants, these have been proven to greatly reduce your chances of getting cancer.

Reduced chances of type 2 diabetes and alzheimer’s – The catechin compounds come in to play again in reducing your chances as well as reversing the two mentioned diseases.

So the winner here is clearly green tea,not only can it do everything coffee can do it does it better without making your body too acidic. The only benefit of coffee is the fact it has much more caffeine.



The Best And Most Versatile Oil Is Coconut Oil

Your diet plays an important role in maintaining your health in optimum condition. Eating a balanced diet will provide you with all the essential nutrients. You might be thinking that these are all things that you already know but I will bring the benefits of cooking with coconut oil in the lime light through this article.

The oil you use to cook food also influences your health. There are many different types of cooking oils which are extracted from flowers and beans. According to experts, most of cooking oils when heated converts anti oxidants into toxic chemicals which are not beneficial but harmful for your health. This is not the case with coconut oil that is why it is recommended by experts.

Coconut oil was used for many other things other than cooking in the past but now it can be used for cooking because all the previous misconceptions about it has vanished. Heat combined with oxygen and light could prove to be devastating for fats in the oil but that is true for other oils not coconut oil which makes it beneficial for cooking food. You will get (in my opinion) a much better taste as you would while cooking with other oils.

Benefits of Cooking With Coconut Oil

There are many benefits of cooking with coconut oil. Some of them are as follows:

Saturated Fats

Coconut oil is rich in saturated fats. You might be thinking that is a bad thing but it is not because not all types of saturated fats are harmful for the body. Coconut oil contains saturated fats that are beneficial for the body. Coconut oil is rich in  lauric acid which is a fatty acid which is found to be increasing the level of good cholesterol in the body. Coconut oil contains easy digestible elements that can be used for providing energy to your body.

Unique Properties

The quality that makes coconut oil fit for cooking is its ability to withstand higher temperatures with ease without destroying the essential nutrients as the case with other oils. This quality makes coconut oil the best choice for cooking. Not only is coconut oil  beneficial but every part of the nut is beneficial. Coconut cream is rich in HDL cholesterol (good cholesterol). Include coconut oil in your diet regularly and you will feel the difference. Your body will come back in shape and all the additional fats on your body that make it look ugly will be removed.The husk is also useful for water filters.

coconut oilOther Benefits

Research suggests that coconut oil is best to make your immune system stronger to fight off against bacteria and viruses. There is also evidence that proves that coconut oil aids in hormone growth and blood circulation. It also controls blood sugar levels which is quite beneficial for diabetes patients. Coconut oil has also proven to aid in digestion of food and fat soluble vitamins. Coconut water has also been used as a refreshing drink for a long time now which rejuvenates your body.

Coconut oil decreases the amount of bad cholesterol and increase the amount of good cholesterol in the body. It does that by converting to pregnenolone, an essential molecule to many of the hormones our body requires. Another quality of coconut oil is that it is highly beneficial for your skin and hair. Using it as a moisturizer for skin and hairs works wonders and make your skin glow and breathe new life to your hair. And according to Bear Grylls you can use it as a safe alternative to sunblock!

Scientists have also voted in the favor of coconut oil when it comes to controlling the signs of aging and coconut oil has also proved them right by performing well on that front as well. Removing oxidation means that you are eliminating the risk of cardio – vascular diseases with coconut oil. It stops the damage to internal tissues and cells of the body.

Now it is time to replace all your harmful cooking oils with coconut oil and you will be able to see a change in your life. Don’t make compromises on your health because health is wealth and health is happiness. A healthy body equals a healthy mind.

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