Dangerous Weight Loss Pills That Should Be Avoided

The public is being alerted by international police agency about an illegal and possibly deadly pill used for weight loss and body building.

The warning was about DNP, a combination of drugs which raises temperature and metabolism of the body. A woman from Britain who used pills with DNP passed away. Another French man was left in serious condition after taking the drug.

DNP is also a component used in making explosives. It has been associated with other fatalities. These may be due to its side effects which includes elevated skin temperature, dehydration and abnormally fast heartbeat. S you really do not want to be putting this stuff into your body!

This illegal pill is marketed on the web. It usually comes in yellow concentrate or pill form. It was sold as a weight loss pill on the year 1930 before it became illegal.

In April this year, a young lady died after using the pills she got online. Police were convinced the pills contained DNP. According to her family she seemed to be burning from the inside before she stopped breathing.

Authorities warn the public amidst the rise of popularity of DNP as a way to boost physique and performance of bodybuilders.

The health risks associated with the drug is even higher because they are made in secret workrooms where good sanitation may not be observed.

What are the risks associated with Diet Pills?

Weight loss pills are claimed to help you shed pounds by stimulating food breakdown. The main component of pills like Dexatrim is caffeine. Caffeine is a CNS stimulant which may aid in fat burning through thermogenesis. However, there are more risks in taking these metabolic stimulants compared to its benefits.Some ingredients in diet pills are forbidden by FDA because of health threats including:

 Hypertension
 Dehydration
 Tachycardia
 Agitation
 Loose bowel movement
 Rectal bleeding
 Insomnia
 Kidney related diseases
 Liver damage

Lists of Banned Diet Supplements


FDA revealed harmful components in 69 diet pills. It is important to be cautious because manufacturers do not display all the ingredients on their product packaging. Diet drugs which were banned include the following:

1. Ephedra is a Chinese herbal ingredient of diet supplements. It was banned on the year 2004 because it was proven to increase heart attack and stroke risk.

2. Hydroxycut fat burning pills were prohibited and recalled because of severe damage to liver. One user of Hydroxycut even died while another user needed a liver operation to survive.

3. Fen-Phen is a Diet Pill recalled in 1990 because of the reported cases of lung and heart diseases. Phentermine, one of the components of the drug is still available upon a doctor’s prescription.

4. Meridia was also recalled from distribution in 2010. This was after a clinical trial which has proven the link of the drug use to heart attack and stroke.

5. Sibutramine is a diet pill which was withdrawn from the market because it is linked with cardiovascular diseases and stroke.

6. Rimonabant is a weight loss pill which works by suppressing appetite. It is not approved in the U.S.

The FDA warned consumers about these weight loss products. Still, the agency cannot possibly test every weight loss pill in the market. It is best to consult a physician before taking any weight loss pill to ensure your safety.

Aside from taking diet pills with harmful ingredients, the dangers from dietary supplements also increase when it is abused through the following:

• Not following the prescribed dose of a dietary pill
• Intake of weight loss pills which are not allowed for individuals who are not overweight
• Using prescription weight loss products without a doctor’s consent
• Using a combination of fat-burning stimulants
• Using a combination of weight loss pills with other drugs
• Using a combination of diet pills and illegal drug stimulants.

Overdose of diet pills or combining different pills are extremely dangerous. Taking stimulant pills above the recommended dose may lead to hypertension which may potentially result in heart failure or stroke. Fat burning pills combined with diuretics or purges may lead to dehydration and electrolyte imbalance. Overdosing products which already have liver or kidney disease side effects will further raise the probability of life-threatening conditions.

For someone who is eager to lose weight, it is easy to opt for a quick solution through diet pills. Owners of the pill companies promise magical claims which are not really clinically proven. The products may actually contain concealed ingredients which are harmful for your health.

Even with the known dangers of diet supplements, the sale of these products still increase especially with those who have eating conditions. Drugs for weight loss should only be used under physician’s supervision to treat underlying medical conditions.
There is no shortcut when it comes to losing weight or building muscles. The good thing you are aiming for may eventually lead to a shortcut to your death.

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