Enhance Your Raw Food Options With A Dehydrator

Raw food is exceptionally good for your health because cooking destroys a lot of the nutrients in your food. Many are going completely raw, I personally think it is a bit of a fad as going completely raw will greatly limit your food options.

A major problem with raw food diets is the fact that it is really quite difficult to eat enough food without getting some serious jaw cramps – I am not kidding. Check out the plate below, on a raw diet you are consuming 3 – 5 of those a day!

raw vegetable plate

Not to mention it is not exactly tasty. Sure you can make smoothies, that is the way I start my day.

But what I found really helpful when on a raw food diet was a food dehydrator. I make a custom trail mix with coconut chips, dried fruits, kale and nuts.

Something that it is handy for is those who go completely raw need to soak their nuts as it makes them easier to digest considering you will need to eat so many to hit your protein requirements.

I make raw wholegrain crackers and dip in a raw vegetable dip – raw, vegan and delicious! I personally use the Excalibur dehydrator, but many people find it too big and clunky so here is a list of the top dehydrators available online.

Something else that I like about y dehydrator is when ever my parents come around I get a huge bag of produce from their garden. Certainly I am not the only one who has this happen to them 🙂

Last visit I got a great big bag of tomatoes so what I couldn’t eat I ended up making ‘sundried’ (dehydrator dried) tomatoes to go in my next pasta.

What my husband really likes is the beef jerky and dried fish snacks that I make for him! Once you have bought yourself a dehydrator, I say that so matter of factly because if you are reading my blog then you are obviously a health conscious person.

Like I was saying once you have bought one then be sure to check out these mouth watering dehydrator recipes.

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