A man calls his boss and tells him he won’t be coming in to work today because he’s not feeling well. The boss says, “Well we really need you today. Whenever I’m feeling sick I tell my wife to give me a blow job. Works every time. Why don’t you try that and then see how you feel.”
He calls back an hour later and says, “Just letting you know, I’m on my way to work. I feel great now. And by the way, you have a nice house.”




  1. Hi all!
    horrible yells power fan , as it changed? and how to do it?
    simply unscrew 4 screws and put a new one - but there ?
    What brother cooler for the power supply ?
    or take other power unit for the 2500r ?

    yadi<a >.</a>sk/d/8Oms-GCN0Cenn
    the photo must not understand it, but it is smile

    — Savvatii8742 #

  1. I ‘ve thought of purchase for a loved brand sleeping bag.
    wandered in runet manuals to purchase sleeping bags, but unfortunately usually recommend to touch his own, and personally see a particular sleeping bag.
    And I live in a small town , where there is no point marching goods<a >.</a>
    Therefore, when choosing a network personally do not realistic.
    seasoned travelers may advise me a good sleeping bag to 4 thousand.
    Height 180, skinny.
    would like to see in at -5 degrees , I do not kick in in some batches .

    — Feofan2437 #

  1. good work EPDM

    — EPDM #

  1. Hello , for some reason the display periodically flashing, lighted and then goes out.
    But there are moments . Blink and is seen pritormozhenie mouse. In shooters this is not observed , but when go to the Internet , it is very common. This is very annoying<a >.</a>
    card is MSI PCI-Ex GeForce GTX 680 2048MB GDDR5 256bit can challenge for her.
    Overheating is not observed. already connected the wires are different .
    Here I enter the text and watch a few blinks. advise how to solve neponyatku .

    — Evgenii3620 #

  1. I alone significantly the last few rejuvenate sun beginning to bake more?
    I feel even through clothing<a >.</a>
    I experienced paranoid believe that the star called the sun began to glow brighter and firing on us something to hide.
    Who do you think? What do you think ? What do you think ? What do you think?

    — Evdokim4246 #

  1. There was my quarrel with the mother and cousin .
    usually we quarreled about housing.
    Besides my house live two bitchy women. They threaten to while I’m at home without my permission to make my clothes<a >.</a> I want to ask the knowledgeable members, if they can do so without any consequences.
    Or I, for example, without further ado I returned from work and seeing their itemization , surely go to the police to write Alleged robbery ?
    in short, I do not know what to do , man.

    — Nestor8391 #

  1. Over three days ago, turned to his account in the network through the terminal grandmother Qiwi.
    that money does not come down , I noticed after a couple of days.
    Called in those. support. They have issued a request for enrollment rubles for a period of 14 days, they have been listed.
    Did not come. I was given a number of other companies - OSMP .they had heard about my application and was told that the rubles listed only two months<a >.</a> This brought me into shock.
    but the funny thing is that the day the complaint was 67 days, but the money has not been transferred .
    Called for this time 20 times , but in vain.
    most no earlier than two months after eighteen years, in connection with which to file suit , I can not. How to deal with these scammers ?

    — Ermolai6904 #

  1. Hi all! Tell me to take, Tablet PC , or netbook, or laptop? I want to work. On one side of the tablet is more convenient , and more responsive to other laptops...
    Which is better. If it is possible , with concrete examples .

    — Olya0951 #

  1. I want to start actually quite relevant to the topic tekukschy time .
    as for me, I would really like to sotsinzheneriya VYShah only been studied in the defense of her<a >.</a>

    at the present time , I believe that many of the Internet users have a variety of accounts in multiple social networks, and many forums.
    want to read your suggestions on this issue.
    Do we need to be aware of this?

    — Nestor1406 #

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