Lose Weight Ridiculously Fast With A Juice Fast

What if I told you that you can lose weight fast without even having to exercise? I know what you are thinking, “that is just too good to be true” Well it is actually quite true in fact there is one guy who actually documented it being done. How is that for some proof?

We all know starving your self can help you to lose weight right? But that is not healthy at all, you need nutrients from food in order to sustain your self.

What I am going to talk to you about is a Juice Fast, I was inspired by a documentary called fat sick and nearly dead, you can learn all about it, what to do and watch the documentary by clicking through here. 

Joe cross and juicerIn case you don’t have time to do all that I can summarize it for you in a couple of sentences and see if that sparks your curiosity. The documentary that I will be referring to as fsnd is produced by Joe Cross. Joe was overweight and was suffering from a rare skin condition which he had to take medication for.

To reverse his condition he went on a month long juice fast (after advisement form his doctor) which involves consuming nothing but freshly juiced fruit and vegetable juice and water for an entire month!

The end result – Joe lost a lot of weight and managed to ween himself of his medication thus curing his condition naturally.

The documentary is quite in depth and has interviews with experts in their fields – doctors and nutritionists, He also interviews random people on their dietary habits and manages to convince some people to take part in his fast.

By chance he manages to meet another guy with the exact same skin condition as him, convinces him to take the fast and gets him the same results – off his medication, working his way to a healthier weight and feeling happier and more upbeat about life!

The way in which a juice fast works is that it starves your body of macro nutrients; protein, fats, carbohydrates etc. so your body goes into starvation mode and basically burns your fat cells as energy.

The beauty of this diet is that you will still be getting all of your micro nutrients; vitamins, minerals, antioxidants etc. in fact you will be getting more than the average person.

On top of that you will also go through a massive ‘cleanse’ or ‘detox’ which result in all around better general health. Starts of for the first couple of days as flu like symptoms head aches etc. But later turns into positive effects such as bright eyes, healthy skin, general well being etc.

As with anything else suggested on this blog, please seek advice from your doctor before trying it out and proceed with caution..


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